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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Registration Page

As many of you know with the new semester and the discontinuation of preregistration we received a new registration system in its place. As with any new product there are a number of areas for improvement. We are looking into bettering and simplifying the registration system and are planning a focus group to gain your feedback to aid us in this process.

Also, please leave us some constructive feedback about what you found to be not-so-user-friendly when you registered for classes this semester. Please be as detailed as you can in your explanation, as this will aid us in guiding UTO in the improvement of this service.


{ajh} said...

It's hard to talk about registration without getting angry but...

1. The worst AJAX-type implementation in the world breaks the back button AND makes it impossible to view multiple courses (or anything) in multiple tabs

2. Stupid error messages instead of friendly ones; e.g. "You do not have a valid appointment" vs. "Please wait 2 more hours to register; your registration appointment begins 12 noon, Nov. 5."

3. Excessive pagination of results means it takes multiple clicks and painfully page loads to see all available times certain courses are offered

Just some thoughts to get started. If I was in charge of the system, I would do a complete interface redesign ;)

{ajh} said...

That should be "painfully slow page loads"