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Monday, November 5, 2007

New Suncard Minimum Online

The Sun Card office is now offering a new minimum sun dollar deposit. Instead of the $20 dollar minimum that students had to pay off their Debit or Credit cards to add money to their Sun Card online you can now add a minimum of $5.

When speaking with the manager of the Sun Card Office as to what had brought on this change he said "Their were no hidden agendas here, it was a simple request from West Campus. We looked into it and this was as low as we could go."

West Campus up till this Fall Semester had free printing. Now they join Tempe campus in being charged eight cents a page for black and white print jobs and seventy five cents for color print jobs.

Thank you West Campus for the contribution to help improve student conveniences.


Mark said...

Happy to help! ;-)

Anonymous said...

That's nice.

Get With IT said...

what a wonderful feeling